What Participants are Saying

I had a fantastic conversation with one of the staff who had a life changing experience with the horses, which I never expected, and certainly showcases the effectiveness of your program and the power of experiential learning. This life change would not have happened in the board room. St. Micheals University

Working with the horses was truly a highlight for me. The lessons learned will be digested and kept in my consciousness as I work with my colleagues in the day to day. Royal roads participant 2013

This was by far the most true experiential program I have ever taken. Spirit Gate is a success in terms of bringing equine leadership to Van Island. I wish I could take this course every month…RRU is wonderful for embracing this growing field. Royal Roads participant Oct 2013

“Wonderful, exciting, transformative. A beautiful unique gift from Spirit offered through the magnificence of the horses.”~Catherine

“I loved my experience with Dolly – I felt so accepted and could totally let go – thank you.” ~Sabine

“I learned that I can open my heart, soul and spirit to my inner power, accept myself and how to release limited beliefs and habits.” ~Ashley

“Empowering, enlightening, intense and beautiful, supportive, loving, nurturing, wonderful. I felt totally loved honoured and seen.”~Ariel

“Amazing beyond words.” ~Sarah

“I felt the presenters did really well keeping the group on track. I felt seen and heard by them throughout the processing. The different skills and abilities that each facilitator had fit together really and it was evident that they shared a strong bond.” ~Allison

“Working with horses taught me how to keep myself safe.” ~Ashley

“Working with horses has taught me about boundaries and how I react in certain
situations.” ~Veronica

“I learned that horses are a lot like humans. Some are not social because of their background and others love to interact with humans.” ~Vanessa

“In November 2007 we took six girls from our Wilderness School to Spirit Gate for a day long experiential workshop that focused on trust building, self awareness and self challenge. It was an amazing experience that empowered each of our girls to face their fears, work together as a team and learn about themselves in a different way. Michelle and her team truly have a gift in creating sacred space that allows people to learn and grow. I see Spirit Gate as a place that will provide these opportunities for many people and I am thankful for that.” ~Carley – P2B Wilderness School

“Very grounding experience that put me in touch with the energy in my physical body and the people and animals around me.” ~Suzanne

“Thank you so much for your time today.  I felt the whole tension thing dissolving as I drove home, and I feel quite like myself again. I know that this piece of my puzzle was not going to fall into place until I connected with you and those wonderful creatures”.  “I am in awe and wonder at the whole thing; how horses have come to me for some kind of healing assistance. Not only the horses; your words and energy today were perfect for me. It is a perfect loop, not about giving and receiving but simply about being part of the whole.” ~Lorna

“Our group of girls that we brought to Spirit Gate left feeling very uplifted and happy.  Their day spent with the staff and horses brought them closer together as a group after they created a shared relationship with these special creatures. Working with the horses also revealed how the girls present themselves with their body language.  The horses' reactions displayed an accute sense of the girls' energy - showing them that sometimes their inner emotions of fear, anxiety or hostility are not as easily disguised as they thought. Michelle and her team worked with the girls, meeting their own pace and needs with sensitivity and wisdom.” ~Duncan, Power To Be

“It was magical for me. I experienced a range of emotions from anxiety to sadness to joy. From the beginning to the end of the workshop I was 100% engaged and not stressed or worried about work or life issues. The experience has helped me remember what it feels like to be connected and calm and not stressed. It brought me back to the place I was a couple years ago. A place I needed to get back to. ” ~Terrie

“This step-by-step exploration of the world of relationships, both between different parts of oneself and between self and others, human and animal, was a profound and dynamic experience. Through concrete exercises, I glimpsed some of the flows and shifts in this unified energy-field that we are all part of. While the focus was on learning from horses, I think this kind of training could benefit all of one’s relationships. It also helps develop one’s intuitive ability to ‘suss out’ and read the anatomy and potential in concrete situations.” ~Astri

“For me the highlight was receiving the guidance you offered to be aware of the subtleties. I think we must forget that answers are right before us. Maybe our minds are so busy we can’t see the forest for the trees. The morning after the workshop I recalled the words of a participant, “I believe it would have to be hard”. It was then I realized I had been harbouring this idea that making the life changes I wanted would have to be hard, very very hard. Now I know that is just a silly belief, not a reality. How great is that! ~Fran”

“It was a lovely experience being with the horses. I felt very peaceful and honoured to be amongst them and the other participants.” ~Peggy

“Tonight is the third time that I have been out to Spirit Gate farm for a class and each and every time I am left humbled and free. My session tonight involving a group of wonderful women and some very special horses left me with a sense of relief and clarity that I certainly wasn’t expecting. It is absolutely amazing to me just how immediate, deep set emotions come to the surface when in the presence of these horses and the angelic women holding the space. Emotions from childhood that I thought I had worked through years ago came rushing to the surface and Michelle so eloquently and unconditionally helped guide me through them, recognize the meaning behind them and move forward. " ~ Michele

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