What is Equine Life Coaching?

You want to make a difference in the world, but life can be overwhelming and the pressures of work and family can take a toll on you.

Do you find that your personal needs fall to the bottom of the priority list?
Do you sacrifice what truly inspires you and what is deeply felt in your heart to accommodate others?
Who is the authority of your life?
Is it ok to ask for what you want?

ELC is an innovative and unique approach to really get to know yourself and reveal hidden treasures within you, what inspires you, what your passionate about, what no longer works for you. Discover this and more.... in the company of horses.

Horses are TRUTH TELLERS! They respond to inauthentic and incongruent human behavior through their body language, exhibiting agitation, disinterest or by taking charge. The gifts in their display are personal insights into behavior, beliefs and unconscious patterns that create limitation, disconnection and separation. With a sense of greater awareness in the mind and a kinesthetic experience in the body YOU can shift limitation into expansion, confidence, embodied power and freedom.



Equine Life Coaching
is geared towards people who may be experiencing transition in their lives, whether it is a change of career, personal relations or professional development, or simply just recognizing that an old pattern has become a hinderance and  the process to make a change is unclear. A one on one coaching session with Michelle and one of her horses may offer you the insight and breakthrough you have been searching for. 

 Michelle’s background in somatic healing combined with the presence of the horses is an opportunity to go within and meet yourself without conditions, beyond the realm of the intellect to rest within the heart and to know the stillness that reveals truth. Insights unfold and a deeper awareness is accessed through the body. This is not about altering perception, or shifting behavior, this is too know the truth of who you are through deeper understanding, an illumination of the mind and a realization of the love that you are.These sessions are powerful and yet gently held in a spacious container of emotional and physical safety.

Equine Life Coaching is highly successful in improving relationships between people and their own horses. Often behavioral challenges arising from the horse are a direct reflection of what is unconsciously playing out with the rider/owner. Often one session can bring resolve and create significant positive changes in the relationship. Sessions are practical, directly applicable and highly effective.

Give me a call or drop me a line. I’ve helped many people experience what is true in their heart and how to bridge their spiritual needs and the demands of life, to live a more passionate, inspiring and fulfilling life. My team and I are here for you.

1:1 sessions with Michelle

One session with Michelle and her horses is practical, directly applicable and highly effective. No horse experience is required.
All practices are on the ground.

Sessions usually run 60-90 minutes
Fee for sessions $125.00 at Spirit Gate Farm
Fee for sessions by phone $125.00
Fee for sessions at your barn $150.00 fee for travel time may vary depending on where you live

To register please email michelle@spiritgate.ca

Session Options

A Private retreat Program - Life Coaching with Equines

Our 2.5 day private retreat program is designed to be deeply transformative, to help you break free of struggle and limitations in your life through a series of somatic practices specifically created with our horses.  Michelle will help you deepen your insights and expand your awareness into everyday experience and challenge, supporting you to embody a new understanding, and a greater freedom in your life.

A Private retreat Program includes:

  • An opportunity to share this experience with up to three other people
  • 4 coaching sessions, 1 yoga or qi gong session, contemplative practice
  • a digital video file of your sessions
  • 1 follow up coaching session with Michelle by phone
  • a series of mindful contemplative practices to integrate into your daily life
  • wonderful local, organic vegetarian meals


Private Retreat Coaching Fee

$3,700 plus gst for one evening and 2 full days (10-4pm)

A total of 4 people maximum

Upon confirmation of your registration you will receive:

An email with detailed information on directions and lodging very close to the farm. (A guest residence will be available in the future.)
A questionnaire to best prepare a program designed for your specific needs.
An E book of educational information and contemplative practice

Pay Deposit Online

Please send me an email and let me assist you in discovering an inspiring, empowering and passionate life. contact Michelle@spiritgate.ca