Invest in your Business and join us for an Inspirational Leadership and Team Building Day with Horses

A one day workshop with our team of professional facilitators and horse teachers will reach results that can’t be found in the board room!

OUR Mission

To provide an effective, professional quality and authentic environment to support you and your business in achieving a level of excellence in leadership development.

The Approach

Equine Facilitated Learning is a unique and powerful leadership and team building training program.  Our guarantee to you is that you will discover insights into your leadership style and develop positive changes in your leadership skills….and the horses will show you the way!

      When people are engaged and have control in their learning process, with time to reflect on their experience, change and growth take place.
  1. Experiential hands on learning bring profound and immediate change
  2. Recognize, understand and appreciate the unique skills of your team members
  3. Engage and cooperate in creative problem solving with team and individual activities, there’s no role playing here, these are real challenges to resolve that will reflect the challenges you are facing in business
  4. Learning is interactive and dynamic, experiencing change in the moment
  5. Explore multiple intelligences, and learning styles
  6. The value lies in the processing, debriefing and reviewing of learning so people can make the connections between their educational experience and real life

The Benefits

The path to becoming an inspirational leader is not a formula, but an in depth look at how and who you are as a leader. What are your beliefs, how do you view the world, what is your level of awareness and clarity of purpose ? The answer to these questions will assist you in both personal and professional areas.

  1. Greater Self Awareness
  2. Improved Self Confidence
  3. Explore concepts of leadership and practice these concepts with your team and the horses inside the arena
  4. Understanding and learning the importance of utilizing all your senses
  5. Unravelling old beliefs that no longer serve you
  6. Seeing beyond  peoples behaviours and understanding what drives their motivations from a place of empathy and not judgement
  7. Develop more effective communication

The Results

  1. Renewed inspiration and focus
  2. Cohesion, connection and Commitment within yourself and your team
  3. Recognizing and utilizing peoples unique skills and talents and how they can reach their best potential and successfully serve your business
  4. Improved customer service through increased communication skills
  5. Results are experienced both personally and professionally, creating stability, improved morale and greater competency.

Why choose Spirit Gate Farm for your leadership and team training?

  1. We have assisted many people over the past eight years that have enjoyed and benefited from our programs
  2. Choose from 1, 2 or 3 day programs that will be designed and tailored to your specific needs.
  3. 2 and 3 day workshops will include employee interviews, assessment profiles and a post workshop consultation
  4. WE are so confident in our program that we’ll offer you a money back guarantee if you’re not satisfied with your experience!

The success of the HERD relies upon 3 things - communication, cooperation and cohesion.